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We appreciate your showing this property, and thank you and the prospective buyers for their offer. To make the process smoother, we are providing you with various documents prior to your writing the offer, and are conveying certain requests from the sellers so that they can be incorporated in the original offer.

Attached are the following:

  • Seller’s Property Disclosure
  • FAR-8 Sale and Purchase Contract, partially filled out

Please note the following requests from the sellers:

All offers shall be on the FAR-8 form and shall be submitted directly to me, and I will then convey the offers to the Seller.

Seller asks that the Buyer give you the earnest money when the offer is submitted – please sign the contract acknowledging receipt of the deposit, as well as who is holding the escrow. (i.e., they do not want the deposit to be upon or after acceptance).

All offers shall be accompanied by a pre-approval from a lender, subject only to property conditions (appraisal, title, etc). In the case of a cash offer, the offer shall be accompanied by proof of funds to close.

Please let us know your agency relationship with the buyer in writing.

Thank you!

Sharon Simms
The Sharon Simms Team
ALVA International, Inc.

Phone: 727-898-2582
Fax: 727-866-0611